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For 1 Day is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Choices of internet sites (if not already taken)
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Your banner ad on at least 54 pages of one web site.
On the sites listed below, the banner ad spots are:

     Location on  Quantity  ~Spot size   Daily
      the page    of spots  (in pixels)  Rates
     -----------  --------  -----------  ------
        Tops         54      728 x  90    $ 25
       Bottoms       60      728 x  90      20

To order For 1 Day can only occur from this site.

Computer and notebook services:

Digital artistic services:

Food and restaurants:

Internet advertising by Texans:

Internet sites designed:

Internet sites developed:

Internet sites maintained:

Legal services:

Office Professional services:

Online research services:

Page advertising online:

Site testing on the internet:

Varied internet services:
(Geographically specific)
(Geographically general)

Western wear & accessories:

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